Celebrating Basant – Idiot Style

Posted on January 11, 2007
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Adil Najam

Lahore Basant Kites
I tend to be fairly conservative in my use of language. There are very few things that bothers me as much as the use of inappropriate language. Yet, I do not know what other title I could give to the two videos below.

What these people are doing is not just stupid and unsafe, it should be criminal because they are putting their entire neighborhoods in danger. Look at just how jam-packed this neighborhood is and imagine the possibilities of calamity.

Also, how old is that child (in the first video) who is allowed to fill his mouth with kerosene and through it into a flame of fire? Now look at the second video; is he trying to put the entire mohalla on fire or only trying to burn those people sitting on the road?

As I have said before, I hope this talk of banning Basant goes away. But I hope this type of behavior is also dealt with, and strictly. This demonstrates a callous disregard for the safety of others. Fun-starved or not, no one should be allowed to jeapordize the life and limb of others.

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  1. Abdullah says:

    For English viwers,

    http://www.nation.com.pk/daily/mar-2006/9/index3.p hp

    Those who are interested in Urdu


    http://www.jasarat.com/detail.php?category=columns &image=04_uk1.gif&date=27-02-2007


    Now our “artists” also has realized

    [quote post=”518″]Singer Shahida Mini used to celebrate Basant in a big way but not this year. She said she was disturbed by the news of killing of innocent people due to kite-flying string and called for holding Basant celebrations outside the City or in open places to avoid such incidents.
    Actress Nadia Ali and Sheen, who used to host big Basant night party on the roof top of their beauty parlour, and Durdana Rehman, are not celebrating Basant.
    Other film and TV stars have also disassociated themselves from Basant. “No one wants negative publicity when there are images of kite-flying victims published in newspaper at the same time,â€

  2. Samdani says:

    There is something terribly wrong in society when a celebration of spring and kites ends up in this needless loss of life, especially these terrible deaths of children. There is no reason that this should happen and maybe the most sad is the society’s attitude of acceptance of such loss. As is this loss is acceptable. It is amazing that the stupid question of whether Basant is Islamic or not will trigger massive debates and discussions, but this loss of life will not. A society that lets the death of little children go unmourned without comment and action is itself dead at its core!

  3. Bilal Zuberi says:

    There is some terrible news again. 10 people were killed in lahore during the Basant kite flying celebration. At least 6 of themw ere children. Terrible!


  4. Lahori says:

    My last message was too hurried. Just saw Dawn’s front page. 3 killed in Basant. I guess the idiots are still at large.

  5. Samdani says:

    This is where law has to come in. I think more citizen voice is also need. We are too angry at people far away and too polite to idiots next door. If you see such stupidity which can also burn down your family and you keep quiet, then what does that make you?

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