Nawaz Sharif to Return to Pakistan on Sep. 10

Posted on August 30, 2007
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Former Prime Minister and exiled PML(N) leader, Nawaz Sharif, announced his return plans today in a press conference in London. He along with his brother, Shahbaz Sharif, will return to Pakistan on 10th September. He announced his return when media is reporting news about the Benazir and Musharraf Deal and the possible settlement on the Wardi (uniform) issue. A private plane has been chartered for approximately 85,000+ pounds (now that’s a lot of money) to bring Sharif family to Pakistan, Islamabad airport to be precise.

A large number of western, middle-eastern and Pakistani journalists and PML(N) party leaders are also expected to accompany Sharif brothers. I was not expecting the Sharifs to land in Islamabad but I guess its a symbolic thing and they want to send a message to Mr. Musharraf’s regime whose days are numbered according to most political observers. President Musharraf’s spokesman, however, has claimed that Nawaz and Shahbaz will NOT return despite the announcement and the Saudi Officials have assured President to stop them from returning to Pakistan.

According to Geo news:

Leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (N), Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that he along with his brother Mian Shahbaz Sharif would land at Islamabad airport on September 10 and then would go to Lahore via G.T. Road.

Addressing the press conference in London, the former prime minister said that with the message of consolidarity and unity they would land at the same place where his democratic government was attacked in the night of October 12. Nawaz Sharif said that the government cannot send them again in exile after the Supreme Court’s decision. The former prime minister said that the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and the APDM have also endorsed the decision of their returning home. He said that he knows there would be difficulties for them and the government would want to make difficulties for them in the country but his party workers are not afraid of batons of police.

The former prime minister said that he has no personal but a national agenda. He demanded from General Pervez Musharraf to leave both seats of the president and the army chief and said that the power be handed over to the chairman of the Senate.

I was watching Kamran Khan Show on Geo and Kamran was talking to government officials. I got the feeling that brothers will be arrested on different cases immediately after their return. Nawaz Sharif will possibly be arrested on helicopter and hijacking case and Shahbaz will be arrested on extra judicial killing case registered against him in 2000. Whatever happens, it will be yet another crises situation for this government and the people of Islamabad who I think once again, will be most affected because of this political drama on 10th September.

PML(N) is trying to give their leadership a historic welcome and they are planning to bring them from Islamabad to Lahore in a rally. They claim that it will be an even larger reception than that of Benazir’s return in 1986. We will have to wait and see if that happens. But its quite visible that General Musharraf and Chaudharies of Punjab are clearly upset on Sharif brothers return. Musharaf has reportedly called Shah Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to stop Sharif brothers from coming to Pakistan. Chief Minister Punjab, Chaudhary Pervez Ilahi was also talking to Kamran Khan an hour ago and, although he was trying to downplay the news, he was quite clearly upset.

A lot of people including Benazir Bhutto and Sheikh Rasheed have been expressing their concerns about the possibility of Martial Law or Emergency in case there is no deal between them. But it was encouraging to hear General Musharaf today that Martial Law or Emergency is NOT the future of Pakistan. According to Geo News:

President General Pervez Musharraf said that martial law or emergency is not the future of Pakistan but first of all is Pakistan. He said that the elections should be held in time and nobody should make any barrier in the way. Talking at the government-controlled television, President General Pervez Musharraf said that he wants political stability in the country, particularly, a good political atmosphere is necessary before the elections.

The President said that he thinks that his election should be held up to September 15 to October 15, and the general elections should be held later. The elections should be impartial, fair and transparent. Talking on the country’s economy, President General Pervez Musharraf said that there was a time when Pakistan was not able to pay even the interest on its debts but now the balance of payments has become better.

He said that GDP has reached from four per cent to seven per cent and once its growth was eight per cent. We have brought down the monetary deficit from eight per cent to four per cent and Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves raised to even over $16 billion. The President said that the country’s economy is progressing and this voyage should continue. Foreign investment has been increased and the privatization has shown very good results.

Whatever happens, I just hope that political issues are dealt in a political manner. We don’t want yet another crises which has been the case in recent past. It would be wise for the government to let them come and let them face any cases against them. It is the people of Pakistan who should decide the political future of Pakistan and not some generals sitting in GHQ or some deals between Benazir and Musharraf. What impact do you think the return of Sharif brothers will have on Pakistani political scene, if any? What should General Musharraf really do now?

Image Credit: Geo TV and Daily Jang

55 responses to “Nawaz Sharif to Return to Pakistan on Sep. 10”

  1. Adonis says:

    @Saleem A. Toor,

    The situation in Pakistan is not hopeless at all. Although today’s events are a setback to the rule of law, but in every ‘shar’ there is ‘khair’. Now APDM stands solidly against the regime and APDM combines diverse political spectrums from liberals to radicals to ethnicity based parties. Today all of them are united against dictatorship and the people of Pakistan support them. This augurs very well for the future of Pakistan.

    A decade ago no body could speak against military. Today its a butt of all sorts of joke in media. People of Pakistan have shown their strength by standing with the chief justice and they are going to do that again. The regime has challenged the supreme court once again and the people are standing with the courts. The only possible outcome is the end of dictatorship and it seems not a matter of months but days, inshallah.

  2. RAJA says:

    why no special post on this? And where is Adil Najam silent on this? Maybe waiting to see which side wins so he can join that??

  3. RAJA says:

    why no special post on this?|

  4. Saleem A. Toor says:

    May Allah save Pakistanis!

    1. Army has put in direct confrontation with the civil society.
    2. People hate to see green lawns and swimming pools inside the army cantonments as well Mercedes for generals on the streets; where over 40% of the people can’t have one day meal, this new elite is eating up all resources – look at the Defense Housing Authorities, posh livig styles of the army officers and their families, best schools and hospitals run at Income tax payers money; hate has gone deep within the masses for the army not for the general alone. Musharraf has pulled the army in this quagmire.
    3. Tens (if not hundreds) of soldiers have died in armed clashes with civilians and in bomb blasts.
    4. Media and the judiciary are being put to test with oppressive measures.
    5. Government is ready to take on the judiciary now (starting with today’s deportation of Nawaz). Executive is not ready to obey the judiciary.
    6. Youth is getting disconnected with Pakistan – all running around for safe havens abroad or for grabbing too much money to join the elite – the social fabric is fastly disintegrating.
    7. So called parliament is full of crooks and liars; unable to comprehend the social disintegration we are going through….

    May Allah save “Pakistanis” from a civil war! For Pakistan, I fear that my prayers may not be answered…

    Meray maula,
    “Kab raj kray gi khalq-e-khuda??????????????????”

    Apologies for an emotional post!

  5. Viqar Minai says:

    Mushtaq Minhas (Aaj TV) is reporting the same; says it has been confirmed by a govt source on condition of anonymity.
    Is emergency/ML next?

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