Posted on August 30, 2007
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55 responses to “Nawaz Sharif to Return to Pakistan on Sep. 10”

  1. Tari Khan says:

    NS SS are real brothers
    both of them are rich tycoon, least pushed and bothered about poor mases in Pakistan.
    At this stage all political and politicians should concentrate more on civic and socio-economic problems rather than Judges issues.
    Judges are rich class breed, they can manage day to day affairs. Govt of pakistan should come close to people of pakistan and solve Atta-Gas-Electricity-Petrol price hike, which is directly effecting poor people, earning less than a dollor a day.

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    To those who were happy that Nawaz Shareef’s

    obstacle is cleared.Look into the mirror, see how

    democrates your are, one who was elected with 2/3

    of the waste majority was by force thrown out of

    his country and constituency, under your red noses,

    shame on you all!! now see who has run away from

    the country with coward reasons?? PPP is finished.

    find out a Qabrustan in Dubai.

    The whole Pakistan has stood up against PPP as

    it is the basic reason of all our turmoil and disasters.

  3. Social Mistri says:

    PatExpat: Mahmoud Abbas can only be involved if some now-forgotten deal comes to light in which Nawaz or Shahbaz had used Mooda as their chachay-ka-puttar to secure some other concession with Saudi backing. After all, that’s why Hariri was inserted into our affairs…. Not because of Musharraf, but because of the Jaali-balo’n-wali-bala (aka NS) who had originally used Rafiq Hariri as his proxy bhikari to go and beg for forgiveness…

    Ab baree ghairat aa rahee hay Aba-ji ki aulad ko. Hariri say tarlay mintai’n nahien karnee’n thee’n jab qaed bhugat ra tha. If he couldn’t stay in jail and get through the experience like a man, then at least he should have been as much woman as Benazir or her mother, who have braved jail many times. Us waqt to Rafiq uncle yaad aa gaey thay… Sala takla jhoota martial law ki aulad.

  4. jonelyn says:

    hi!!!!!!are you sharif ullah knan from pakistan

  5. Adonis says:

    Dewana Aik says:

    ” Nawaz would have been better off working with PPP and possibly making a joint arrival with Benazir.”


    That would have been possible only if Nawaz was willing to make a deal with musharraf. Obviously he was not desperate enough like benazir to that.