ATP Poll: What Events from 2008 will define Pakistan in 2009?

Posted on December 28, 2008
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Adil Najam and Owais Mughal

(Also see our second Year in Review Poll on “Predictions for 2009.” Image from Flickr by Mirjee.)

We had ended the year 2007 at ATP by calling it the “Year of Angst and Anger.” We had begun the year 2008 with a wishlist of seven prayers: Prayers for Human Dignity, for Living Livelihoods and Wellbeing, for Peace, for Tolerance, for Justice, for Democracy and for Jurat-i-Tehkik.

The year 2008 has been as angry and as angst-ridden as its predecesssor. Our prayers for 2009 remain the same, even more so. There is little one can add there.

Since past is prologue to the present, we wish to look beyond both past and present, into the future. Just as the demons of 2007 continued to haunt us in 2008, the events of 2008 will define Pakistan’s 2009 – for good or for bad. But which of the many – too many – momentous events of 2008 will have the greatest impact on defining what happens in Pakistan in 2009? That is the question for this ATP Poll, the first of two New Year’s Polls (the second one will follow soon).

We have selected ten key events of 2008 for you to choose from. But since some are related and the list is long, you can vote for multiple choices (we would recommend and suggest that you vote for around three only). The choices include:

Through your vote in this ATP Poll and through your comments, do plesae help us understand the implications of what has happened this year, and chart the contours of that which might happen next year.

(Also see our second Year in Review Poll on “Predictions for 2009“. Image from Flickr by Mirjee.)

16 responses to “ATP Poll: What Events from 2008 will define Pakistan in 2009?”

  1. Saleem says:

    A major twist , change and major review in Internal & Foriegn Policy is required, with positive approach of implementation.
    We need to strive and bank on our own natural reserves more.
    Access to Free education, free health , provision of basic amneties a must.

  2. Farrukh says:

    I must say that the list itself is quite depressing. But it is good to see that most people do recognize the terrorism and extremism as the major challenges facing us and our future.

  3. Ali Dada says:

    Lets pray (sincerely) to Allah that Pakistan benefits a lot in this new Islamic year…Ameen.

    We have to be positive and not negative – as ordered by Allah.

  4. Jauhar says:

    I agree with Durrani. The ongoing judicial crisis also provides an opportunity for the civil society to get strength. I am also hopeful that the military operation in tribal areas will check the spread of Taliban and hopefully start to roll it back.

  5. Durrani says:

    The list is a little negative. I realize that things are bleak right now, but this website always talks about taking inspiration from ordinary people. I hope they will reassert themselves. For example, you could see new political forces rising as they did with the justice movement. Also, the global financial crisis may provide new economic opportunities. If only we can get the terrorism in check, and maybe with Obama coming in and new policies in the US that will happen, then things could start becoming better.

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