Posted on March 18, 2010
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29 responses to “The Origins of Pakistan-China Military Relations”

  1. imran says:

    If you have a chance to visit the China People’s Revolutionary Military Museum in Beijing, you will have the opportunity to see the grass that Mao Tse Tung, Chou En Lai and other communists ate while they were being pursued by Chaing Kai-shek’s army. You will also see the primitive weapons they used to fight the tanks and aircrafts. It is after being inspired by their spirit and commitment that I wrote f/comment-page-2/

    I know of no nation whose civilian and military leadership allows a third country to traumatize and kill large numbers of its citizens. Specially when it has the resources to stop it. You can learn more about it at ing-for-what-for-whom-why/

  2. asad says:

    asim has probably not seen the anti pakistan hatred being spread by the indian media..both print and visual…

    the indians are now riding high with the misplaced conception that they are a great power…

    so even if all pakistanis declare their ‘love’ for india, they will still be spat upon…

  3. Roshan Ali Mangi says:

    Pakistani Military personnels and Politicians should learn lesson from Great China, she has won the freedom bit after Pakistan and now no country in the world can dictate her, why our leaders can not achieve that degree of GHAIRAT to develop our resources rich country, and why they are begging from Kuffar, and why they are killing own people and asking for blood money. For example from March to August our formers are bussy harvesting Wheat crop( March from Badin to August up to Swat) still there is shortage of food, there are four seasons Iwould rather say Five seasons in Pakistan( +1 is the Raining in the THAR desert ). There is world’s 18th longest river Sindhu still we donot have the clean and enough drinking water.One day these insha-Allah there wil appear man like Jadam Jakhro to up lift this beautiful country of mine***********AAMEEN. ROSHAN

  4. Daud says:

    Very well written and interesting article with lots of new information