Asian Golds for Pakistan in Hockey and Squash

Posted on November 25, 2010
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Adil Najam

After the news earlier in the day of Pakistan being kicked out of two semi-finals in which they were the favorites – losing in T20 cricket to Afghanistan and in Kabaddi to Iran – the green shirts redeemed themselves in two other sports are define (or once defined) Pakistan sports: Field Hockey and Squash (team).

In both hockey and team squash Pakistan beat Malaysia to clinch the golds. This takes Pakistan gold haul in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games to 3, adding to the gold already won by the womens’ cricket team. Pakistan also has 2 silver and 1 bronze to its name (including an unexpected Silver in Wushu), a tally that could still go higher since Pakistan will be playing in the bronze medal playoffs in both Kabaddi and T20 cricket.

The hockey gold medal is a great shot in the arms for Pakistan hockey which has been lackluster in performance even though all indications suggest the current team is technically quite competent. The defeat in the Commonwealth Games recently did not help its morale but this victory is bound to put new vigor and motivation. Importantly, this convincing 2-0 victory is not only marks the return of Pakistan to the Hockey Gold stand after 20 years but gives Pakistan an assured berth in the next Olypmics.

The victory in Squash is equally sweet and one hopes is also a sign of a comeback in the sport. Here, once again, Pakistan was pitted against Malaysia, but in Squash Malaysia is a powerhouse, unlike in Hockey, and had gone in as favorites. Aamir Atlas Khan emerged as a Pakistan here avenging his singles final loss to Mohammad Azlan of Malaysia, and preventing Malaysia from sweeping the Asian Games squash golds.

24 responses to “Asian Golds for Pakistan in Hockey and Squash”

  1. Shabbir says:

    I am a proud Pakistani today and very proud of my team performances, congrats to all Pakistanis. We need to practice on keeping our chins up and work towards finish lines.

  2. Deneb says:

    Bravo! Outstanding! and a long time coming. Congratulations to the Women’s Cricket Team for winning the Gold too! Its time to pay more attention to other sports who’ve achieved despite not having the lion’s share of the backing and funds as does cricket.

  3. Najam says:

    that is really very good.

    keep it up

  4. Najam says:

    Literally minutes ago Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka to win the Bronze medal in the Asian Games Mens’ T20 playoff. Pakistan scored 141 in response to Sri Lanka’s 135

  5. Gift Pakistan says:

    So proud of you.

    BBC still carries on old stories y/8563195.stm

    I wonder why dont they have the updates on us?

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