Posted on April 30, 2011
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13 responses to “Mr. Bean in Pakistan”

  1. 7updude says:

    Since Pakistan has poor record in IP, I shouldn’t probably feel too alarmed at people’s lack of some basic understanding of how this works.

    Here is an actual shit that happened not so long ago:

    Geo got rights to air ICC WC2011 on TV (let me repeat if someone missed, TV) and they did stream live on webtv as well but only to Pakistan-based audience. They were strictly and specifically NOT allowed to broadcast their stuff to outside Pakistan.

    So, here’s my theory:
    HBL got the rights of TVCs FOR THE TV ALONE and not putting it online or whatever. This could be as complex as quantum mechanics for some, but there is nothing more to such a basic settlement. Get over it.

  2. 7updude says:

    hey Asad, thanks for being a good guy and investigating on your end. Since most people don’t bother, I appreciate your taking time out to find the truth. Do keep us posted with your findings.
    Also, I find it little disturbing that just because something is not available online somehow, in your understanding, equates to false or non-evidence. I find that really disturbing esp. for someone who doesn’t take someone’s words for granted.

    Oh and there is no need to get ideas. You obviously lack understanding of how corporations work despite possible linkages/association with some. I am not paid or asked by any majha gama bank or onga bonga tv station so you should rely more on your fact-finding missions than your gut-feelings :)

  3. ASAD says:

    Just to be fair on HBL, maybe there was a deal but I did not find any evidence of it. So, I am just now sending emails to Rowan Atkinson’s agent and to BBC which produced his shows and has rights to them to make sure there was a legal deal. Will let you know if I hear anything.
    Pakistan has enough bad press anyhow, hope this does not become one more case of theft by Pakistanis!