Posted on July 23, 2006
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17 responses to “Pictures of the Day: Disgraced”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    In my humble opinion, every sport in Pakistan must
    must not only be encouraged, but also be regulated and
    standardized, and the sportives be disciplined with
    two way conscience, national and individual, both
    respecting the self dignity and the national pride, if you
    don’t have these, then go home, don’t waste our time,
    and pls. don’t hurt Pakistan’s dignity.

  2. Squash Player says:

    Jansher Khan is the really hearo and Jehangir Khan is they lie Pakistan squash fedaration dont like Jansher because he alwys telling true in the news and Mr.Jehangir Khan alwys with Pakistan fedaration unfortunately in Pakistan neaver success the person who allwas telling true in Pakistan success person who telling lie like Mr.Jehangir Khan,Qamar Zaman.Jansher Khan is a true and simple champion he is a king and prince of the squash.I am from Pakistan and i am squash player i know everything about squash and i know whats happen in Pakistan squash.One more thing please dont think by mistake for another champion after the great great Jansher for mroe 20 year.