May 12: Khuda Khair Karey

Posted on May 12, 2008
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Adil Najam

Today is May 12.

Today marks the first anniversary of the carnage in Karachi.

Today is the day when the resolution on the restoration of the Supreme Court judges was to be presented in Parliament.

Ominously, even eerily, today also marks the 15th death anniversary of the Pakistan’s pre-eminent poet of political protest, Habib Jalib.

May 12 will forever be a date in infamy because of what happened on this date a year ago. A year ago today, I was in Pakistan. Karachi was burning and I wrote: “The city is at war. Morchas everywhere. Clashes, violence, firing, deaths... Khuda khair karey.” What were your thoughts then? What are your thoughts on it now?

Distasteful as it may seem, let me repeat just some of the pictures that were on our front page a year ago. I do so to remind myself, and you, of exactly what it was that we must never, ever, let happen again.

Just as we were doing a year ago, we are again wondering about the fate of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry today. But also at stake today are the democratic gains that have been made between last year and now. Gains that have given hope to so many of us. Gains that must not be lost. But, nor should we lose the struggle for judicial independence.

If newspaper headlines are to be believed then the PPP-PML coalition is also disintegrating and possibly on the verge of breakup (in our Poll, our readers seem to think not just yet).

I hope all of this is being overblown, but a look at the front page of The News suggests that the nation is in despair as the PPP-PML talks falter, that there is renewed pressure on the media including a Supreme Court notice, and the US deal-makers are again having secret meetings to “manage” Pakistan.

I am not a superstitious person. But all of the above gives me the shudder. Khuda khair karey.

23 responses to “May 12: Khuda Khair Karey

  1. Umar Akbar says:

    “People who do not learn from history, are condemned to repeat it.”

    Why be surprised, though, if Mr Zardari is double-crossing the so-called coalition? Mr Zardari, keeping his word to the nation, now THAT would be news!

  2. Expat says:

    Danish Naeem

    Same people killed these 25 people who killed Azeem Tariq (MQM Chairman) and Hakeem Saeed. No prizes for guessing who killed them.

  3. Saad Qaisar says:

    I was there stuck at Karachi airport bound to Chicago on PIA last 12th May, and witnessed all the carnage first hand! Its not that pleasant to see political forces whose workers were among the victims split apart this May 12, though, glad to see someone taking stance based on principles in Pakistani politics. Lets see where we would stand next May 12th. Khuda Khair Karay or ?

  4. Danish Naeem says:

    @Rafay Kashmiri

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