Inspiration Pakistan: Sense of Pride

Posted on December 14, 2008
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Asma Mirza

I found reference to following news item at Metroblogging Islamabad which in turn got the photo from Duffer’s blog.

Taxi driver Bilal Mehmood told that a person bought a goat and booked his taxi for going to Islamabad. He was following on his motorbike. At the decided place, the taxi driver couldn’t find the person. Owner of goat can plz contact at the given number.

This ad made us all proud. He also said a loud no to corruption. ATP’s other Inspiration Pakistan stories can be read here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The original ad appeared in the daily Jang.

16 responses to “Inspiration Pakistan: Sense of Pride”

  1. Khurram says:

    “Zara num hoto ye mitti bari zarkhez hai saakhi” – Allama Iqbal

  2. Khurram says:

    Tina u wont actually find honesty today anywhere in dis world
    but only in spiritual socities
    and especially not in those so called “Pregogressive and Secular” socities
    without spirituality the basic fabric of a community is destroyed

  3. Nouman A. Siddiqui says:

    I can’t even imagine how people get up and get up again to make things look simpler all the time. Cheers for Pakistanis!

  4. Hamza says:

    Yes, it is things like this that gve us inspiration

    I am convinced there are more good people than bad people amongst us

  5. Asma says:

    @Tina: actually smaller mistakes are when talk of town within minutes …. we do need our times of assurance that all is not bad.

    The reassurance lits the light of hope …. which is needed at this hour again and again :)

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