Inspiration Pakistan: How Can We Support Displaced Pakistanis

Posted on May 17, 2009
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Adil Najam and Owais Mughal

First, a word of thanks to our readers for responding to our call for supporting the nearly one million Pakistanis who have been displaced by the fighting in Swat and adjoining regions. Knowing that many of our readers are already contributing very significantly in many different ways through many sources, we had initially set a target of raising $1000. We reached that target in just 16 hours. We matched that contribution with another $1000 from our advertising revenue (which means that too comes from ATP readers) and have sent $2000 directly to Edhi Foundation in Pakistan for their relief efforts. The contributions have come from Pakistanis as well as non-Pakistanis and in all sizes (ranging from $5 to $300). We are deeply appreciative of all who have contributed, and also to all who have encouraged the efforts with their words and good wishes.

On your advice, we have kept the channel open and as of this writing our readers have now contributed $2000 already (i.e., $1000 addition to the original $1000; the widget may show less since some credit card payments have to wait to be cleared before they show up). Since the need is great and likely to be longer-term, we are going to keep the widget live at least this week and will be raising the ‘target’ incrementally. On our part, we at ATP are committed to sending in more of our Ad revenue to this cause and we do hope that readers will also keep on giving to this cause, through whatever means that are most appropriate for them.

We write today with three specific requests:

  1. First, if you can, please do consider giving whatever amount you can to provide relief to the nearly million displaced Pakistanis still pouring into refugee camps. If our collection is of help, consider giving here. Otherwise, choose any of the many options that are available for your generosity. But, please, do not hold back in this time of great need for a great many Pakistanis.
  2. Second, do please spread the word to your friends – both Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis – of how great the need is and do encourage them to also support in whatever way they can; through whatever means they can.
  3. Third, do please share with us and our readers your views on the various ways by which we can support the relief efforts. Not only on the various avenues of sending our monetary and material support, but also possibilities for non-monetary assistance.

The third is of practical importance right now. There are many people struggling to find out what the best way to support the relief efforts is. We ourselves sent the first tranche of support to Edhi Foundation because it was mentioned by a number of readers. We are now considering UNHCR for the same reason. We are also considering supporting the efforts of those in Pakistan who are individually packaging relief goods and planning to personally take them to relief camps. There is also the option of directly supporting the provision of needed medical supplies.

There are, of course, many aspects of such a choice that are important – giving to institutions vs. individual giving; giving to Pakistani vs. international organizations; meeting immediate vs. longer-term needs, etc. These are important things to think about. Please help us think through them.

But as we do so, let us not let our latent cynicism turn into inaction. Let us not make our search for the ‘perfect’ place to give to become an excuse of not acting at all in this time of great need. Indeed, different options will work better for different people. But there are, in fact, many many good options because there are many many good institutions and individuals who are doing the work that needs to be done. This is the time to give them a hand. Please do join us in doing so.

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  1. Well,Asalam O Alaikum! I wrote this poem for the youth of Pakistan, which is full of Courage and Hope!

    Stand up,

  2. Adil Najam says:

    Dear friends, our gratitude to all of those who have continued to give to this cause – either here or elsewhere.

    At this point we are planning to keep the widget live till June 1 (Monday) and am hoping that the total raised directly from readers by then will reach $5000. At that point we intend to send a third tranche of support to IDP relief.

  3. Hai says:

    The best way these people can be helped is by enabling them to go back home quickly. So poor farmers (which majority of them are) can go catch the farming season. Unfortunately, the Military continues to play Nura Khushti while the poor masses suffer. What is taking them so long to rid a small town Mingora from the clutches of a few mullas? Either the great generals are afraid to take on their brain children or don

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