Hockey World Cup: Attention Deficit

Posted on September 7, 2006
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Saadia Khan

The World Cup Hockey 2006 is being hosted by Germany in Manchengladbach right now. Yet, it is not even a subject of discussion amongst most Pakistanis. That is sad, because once hockey was followed as much by Pakistanis as cricket is.

The current Pakistan team is not a bad one and some believe that it has a realistic shot at winning the world title. Yet,the team gets very little support from Pakistanis.

Pakistan just began its firts match, against Japan. We all hope it will end in victory. India has played two matches and lost both; to hosts Germany and England.

During the FIFA Football World Cup 2006 (see ATP posts on Pakistan and FIFA World Cup here and here), tickets were extremely expensive and hard to get. In comparison, the tickets for World Cup Hockey in Germany 2006 are so cheap that even Pakistani students living in Germany can go and watch the live match and get opportunity to support the Pakistani team.

Luckily there is a good tradition here that some Germans will get the Pakistani flags to support the guest team in their homeland. This is good and I know those Germans who will be holding the Pakistani flag will be happy when the team will win the match. Many Germans say Pakistan is their favorite team to watch. But this cannot compare to the enthusiasm that support from Pakistani fans – in Germany but also in Pakistan and elsewhere on TV and through the press – will mean for the players.

Unfortunately, however, we have forgotten the legends of Pakistan hockey who brought the world cup titles home and made Pakistan one of the most successful Men’s hockey team ever.

In fact, the World Cup was originally conceived and created by Pakistan and even the Trophy was designed and given by Pakistan.

So, sports fans, maybe its time to show your support for the hockey team too!

This guest post was received from reader Saadia Khan, from Bremen, Germany.

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  2. Owais Mughal says:

    I found out today that Sohail Abbas’ career tally of goals stands at a World Record number of 286

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    Pakistan has announced hockey team for Asian Games and has sacked 5 top players b/c they didn’t attend the hockey training camp. The players have been warned that they might never play for the country again.

    The Pakistan Hockey Federation president, ex Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali, said that skipper Mohammad Saqlain, halfback Dilawar Hussain, penalty corner expert Sohail Abbas, Mohammad Waseem and Ghazanfar Ali were not put up for selection after missing the camp,

    “Senior players went abroad to play league hockey and they had the option to return but they didn’t, so we will never consider them in future, at least as long as I am the hockey chief,â€

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    Interesting news from Reuters today. Pakistan has asked the world body FIH to tell Pakistan how to increase Pak’s hockey standards.


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