ATP Poll: Share Your Predictions for 2010

Posted on December 31, 2009
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Adil Najam

Following our tradition from last year, and despite the rather spotty record, we once again ask our readers to predict what might have transpired between now and when the last day of 2010 rolls around. We give here a bunch of possibilities, which of these – multiple answers are OK – do you think would have come true between now and the end of 2010.

This is a blog poll – and its should be taken no more seriously than that. Our purpose is to facilitate discussion and reflection; there is very little about it that is scientific. We have come up with a list of 15 possible news stories that could become big in 2010. Some of these, if they were to transpire, would be desirable developments; some clearly not. These may not be the most ‘likely’ stories of 2009. They are merely our list of some interesting possibilities in multiple domains. The list is, by definition, subjective. One hopes it is also reflective and will lead to reflection by our readers. We have no doubt that there will be other stories that could and will become big in 2010. Feel welcome to discuss those in your comments.

37 responses to “ATP Poll: Share Your Predictions for 2010”

  1. Lubna says:

    Actually, I am hopeful for 2010. Not just because I want to be but because in a number of things (Waziristan, judiciary, media, economy) things are actually moving in a better direction.

  2. Jabbar says:

    I can understand that most people WANT Zardari to be removed as President, but to predict that he will in fact be removed is to hope for too much. Especially since there is no evidence against him. If Gen. Mush could not prove the cases against him, who will? This does not mean that he is not guilty, it just means that his guilt cannot be proved and therefore no action can be taken against him.

  3. I think Midterm Elections will held between April and August. And after this, a big change in the Government Cream will take a Pakistan towards a new journey with peace and stability.

  4. Meengla says:

    1) The only item I voted for is the economy to improve dramatically; though ‘dramatically’ is questionable but Pakistani stocks have improved 60% in 2009 when compared with 2008’s lows. I think there are a lot of hard decisions being made–and no, politicians’ ‘corruption’ cannot and will not undo major economic initiatives. If that was the case then India would perhaps be even worse off than Pakistan.
    2) The NFC award alone is a milestone especially considering the spirit with which all 5 federating units have made compromises. Gilgit-Baltistan elections were another milestone. These are definite fruits of the consensual process called ‘democracy’.
    3) PMLN cannot support a coup without putting eggs on its own face. So I foresee continuity of democracy.
    4) The militants are definitely on the run. And Pakistanis hate them more and more every day. In the war of ideas the militants are the clear losers. Is that not an achievement? Can we forget the multitudes of apologists in media for the militants barely 1 year ago?

    So I remain optimistic. This is the beginning of a new decade–not just a new year. Let’s all hope for the best and strive to confront forces of intolerance all over the world.

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