Pakistan’s chances at the World Twenty20

Posted on September 9, 2007
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Syed Ahsan Ali

What did you say?..No Mohammad Yousuf (a stunning move). No Abdur Razzak (an amazingly amazing decision) and no Shoaib Akhtar (a blessing in disguise?). That means, no real chance of creating history in first ever T20 Championship for Pakistan squad. But hold on for a moment. Haven’t you heard that life is wonderful because it is uncertain? Well, so is Pakistan cricket. They are as talented as to be able to beat the best in the business and can be as miserable as to be left clueless against minnows like Ireland.

Pakistan has one of the finest new ball bowlers around called Mohammad Asif. A smart and shrewd middle order batsman called Younis Khan and a swashbuckler who is in his own league called Shahid Khan Afridi. What Pakistan needs to do is to play with discipline and forget about controversies for the time being at least. According to some, the most gifted bunch of players needs to focus on the game and have a good run in the playing field. It may sound little too ambitious and patriotic, but things are not as gloomy as they are painted. One thing that favors Pakistan, is the lack of experience of playing Twenty20 games in all international teams. It would be more of a trial and error method for most of the teams where slice of luck will play good hand in deciding the champion.

Strengths of Pakistan: A top notch pace attack. Even without raw pace of Shoaib Akhtar, Pakistan has a seriously formidable bowling line-up that can settle scores with most oppositions in first few overs. On a given day, Pakistani pace attack can easily handle serious openers with the new ball burst on protean tracks where ball the climbs up to a batsmen and darts around as well. If they get it right by taking wickets with brand new ball and keeping a strict check on the scoring rates at the same time then Pakistan will be in with healthy chance of toppling good sides.

Concerns: In my opinion, Abdur Razzak was crucial for Pakistan in this form of the game mainly due to his belligerence with the bat especially against faster bowlers. He is one guy who can eclipse even Shahid Afridi when it comes to some dazzling stroke making. As there would be no Abdur Razzak -factor, I see only two real power hitters – Shahid Afridi and Imran Nazir. Both are capable of hitting long and hard but other than them most of the batsmen in the sides are bit of nudgers and pushers and single-accumulators. What we needed from the selection committee was more all rounders in the line-up who could hit the strike rate of between 100 or 150. Kamran Akmal has to prove his worth with the bat after passing through a lean trot in last several months to match other two. Here in lies the big opportunity for the skipper Shoaib Malik to strengthen his position in the middle order by scoring some precious runs. Other concern is fielding. Hopefully, rigorous fitness and training camps would make a difference in agility and nimble-footedness.

Overall the team is volatile and unpredictable but equally capable of springing a surprise or two if things do not take any ugly turn which Pakistan cricket usually produces uninterrupted.

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21 responses to “Pakistan’s chances at the World Twenty20”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    Asad, in a 20 over game, on a given day any team can beat any other team. Teams’ techniques and tempraments do not come into play in this form of cricket. Any team with long hitters can pose a challenge. Holland had beaten England, so it was a formidable challenge to begin with. I am glad that Pk played well.

    We all know that we’ve lost to both Ireland and Bangladesh in 50 over form of cricket in the past. In 20 over version, it is even more likely that minnows can do upset.

  2. ASAD says:

    At least we made it to final 8, although beating Holland in cricket is not a big deal

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    This post was written for 2007 World Cup but we can use it to leave comments on the 2009 edition.

    Great show by Pak today to qualify for the super 8 part. Finally a victory after losing the last 3 games.

  4. Sabbohi Asif says:

    Oh Common hira! Pakistan can win any game if they want to. But the thing is only if the want to. Anyways, i love cricket and all of my cricketers brothers. You are the best guys!!!

  5. Sabbohi Asif says:

    Look I live in Canada but I am Pakistani. My pride is my cricket team and please please my dearest cricket brother. It is my request to you that play like you did before. Pakistan is the best, no offence, but you guys winnings can be first step of Pakistan into success. Make pakistan an amazing country of sports coz even you know that you guys are the best so all you have to do is to play with love like brothers and kick out every one of those whities.
    Note: Hey just want to know, can’t Imran khan be the coach? If so please bring him back !!!

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