Enemies of Pakistan Attack Islamabad and Chakwal

Posted on April 4, 2009
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Adil Najam

UPDATE: April 5: More Pakistani Muslims – this time 30 in Chakwal – were martyred today by the enemies of Pakistan. Here are details from The News:

At least 24 persons died and 35 were injured at the Imambargah suicide bombing here. One killer blew himself up with explosives during annual Majlis Aza being held at the Imambargah located in the centre of the town at Mohala Sarpak of City police station area. The blast ripped apart the bodies of the faithful at the Imambargah, leaving a horrific scene of scattered body parts and blood all around the incident site.

Eyewitnesses said that following a Majlis, the faithful had crowded the main gate of the Imambargah, while those entering into the Imambargah were being frisked, when a youth 16/17 year old during checking blew himself up, which resulted in on the spot death of 20 persons, while the other four succumbed to their injuries in hospital. Four children were also included among the dead, they said. The bodies and the injured were shifted to the Chakwal District Headquarter Hospital, while some injured were sent to Rawalpindi.

Ambulances from Rawalpindi and Jhelum reached the scene of incident and stated relief operations. High police officials, DCO and heavy contingents of police also arrived following the blast. The police besieging the area have collected the evidences.  Several vehicles were also damaged in the blast. Large number of people had thronged the hospital for finding out the welfare of their relatives, while the town remains drowned in an environment of mourning.

Six more Pakistanis were killed today by the enemies of Pakistan in a suicide attack in F-7 Islamabad. According to The News:

Six security men were killed and several others injured in a suicide blast near check post of Frontier Corps (FC) in Sector F-7/3 Margala Road, Islamabad on Saturday, Geo News reported. SSP Tahir Alam said security men were taking dinner when the attacker entered the check post and blew himself up, killing six of the security men and injuring several others. He denied any exchange of fire, saying the security men fired in the air to scare away any other attackers. Police has cordoned off the area. The injured have been brought to Poly Clinic Hospital. The incident has set off panic among area residents.

This is just more in the ongoing war on Pakistan by the enemies of Pakistan. Mosques are targeted in Jamrud, little girls are flogged in Swat, attacks are conducted in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and everywhere in between, political leaders are assassinated in Karachi, everyday and everywhere the enemy is within us and killing us in every way. It does not help that our so-called friends are also bombing and killing Pakistanis.

But why, oh why, are too many are still reluctant to call these suicide bombing murderers what they are. How may Pakistanis must they kill off before Pakistanis recognize the face of the enemies of Pakistan?

Today, April 4, former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was killed by Gen. Zia-ul-Haq. The killing has not stopped ever since. It is not that there was not killing before that. Even Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was himself no angel. But the demons unleashed by the this and other actions of Zia-ul-Haq continue to grow in size and sway over society. What will it take to push these demons back?

111 responses to “Enemies of Pakistan Attack Islamabad and Chakwal”

  1. Obaid says:

    Now Government of Punjab under Shehbaz Sharif is sponsoring hate conferences…as if we don’t have enough hate already.

    …and then we wonder why there is so much extremism in the country…


  2. ASGHAR says:

    The people who are killing Pakistanis every day are the ones that the people of Pakistan are defending… How long will we tolerate these Taliban??????

  3. RIZWAN says:

    I fear that mullah raj is already won .

    Our politicians are so bad that everyone has given up on them and all that remains as an option now are these Taliban criminals.

  4. D_a_n says:

    @ razia…

    Well, yes, the president Can in fact over rule on military matters….the fact that he doesnt have a military back ground is not relevent and it’s upto the president himself if he lets that stop him from desicion making….

    please remember that Lyndon Johnson was picking bombong targets over North Vietnam personally at one stage…!

  5. Gorki says:

    I do not disagree with you that the US government is not run by angels and has told many atrocious lies in the past which can explain the cynicism that you (and many others even in the US) have while accepting the US government’s version of any events.
    But you have to be careful when you quote unverified reports on the internet as a gospel truth especially those that can not be crosschecked from other references.

    Putting it another way, you are free to question the media bias of a particular event but then how can you be sure that the version of the events reported on the website you like to read and quote is indeed the objective one and free of bias itself?

    Governments do lie, including the US, yet big events such as the 9/11 bombings would be very hard to fake, even by a super power like the US.
    Then one has to believe that if all the world

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